Installation instructionsΒΆ

We recommend that you use pip to install Python on MaxCompute (PyODPS) when you have access to the Internet. For more information about installing pip, see instructions on installing pip .

Make sure that you install the correct versions of setuptools and requests. If you do not use the Windows operating system, you can install Cython by the following code to increase the Tunnel upload and download speed:

pip install setuptools>=3.0
pip install requests>=2.4.0
pip install greenlet>=0.4.10  # optional; tunnel upload can be accelerated
pip install cython>=0.19.0  # optional; not recommended for Windows users

If you have installed correct Visual C++ and Cython versions in the Windows operating system, you can also increase the speed of the process by using Tunnel.

Install PyODPS by using the following code:

pip install pyodps

Check whether the installation has been completed:

python -c "from odps import ODPS"

If your version of Python is not the default version, run the following code after installing pip:

/home/tops/bin/python2.7 -m pip install setuptools>=3.0

Repeat these steps to install your version of Python.